Escape Pod, Podcastle and Pseudopod podcasts need your help


I’ve pushed some funds to Escape Pod before, but not enough; they deserve a lot more for all the fine work they do. I listen weekly to every podcast they put out and they do great work - the hosts are amazing, the stories consistently great and the narrators for the most part are good too (though sometimes I feel these could be vetted better - nothing ruins a great story like a bad narrator or cheap mic). They deserve support!

That said, I think they need to do a bit better job of generating revenue. Follow the NPR model and have drives, rather than asking constantly. Offer some great member rewards, from t-shirts to Alastair Stewart’s voice on members voicemail - shit, I’d pay $20 for that alone! How about a custom song from Norm Sherman, or being written in to his next wacky story as a character? What about actually selling me some of this Podcastle Ale I keep hearing about? C’mon, podpeople, time to get creative!

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Just went and signed up to send them $5/month. Escape Pod is pretty much the greatest podcast of all time, and I should have started giving them money for it long ago. Thanks for the push.

I feel bad because I love their podcasts and tell everyone about them, but I too broke to chip in a dime :frowning:

I haven’t been listening, so I haven’t been donating, but… yeah, I need to think about that.

I really need to set up a podcast catcher – I don’t use an i-thing so I haven’t been highly motivated to do so, but there are some shows I’d really like to start following, or resume following but can’t get over the air in my area.

Re being written into a story: Tuckerizing (which is what that practice is called, I believe after a fan named Tucker) often goes for fairly substantial sums of cash when auctioned off at SF conventions… but that’s generally for a role (usually an expiring role) in a novel rather than a short story.

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