Interview with Serah Ely, creator of the Escape Pod podcast, about her gender transition

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Oh, I used to listen to EscapePod all the freaking time. They have some really great stories. I really loved The Clockwork Atom Bomb, Elites, Who’s Afraid of Wolf 359 (lol star catalog pun), and The Trouble With Death Traps. I need to go back! Congrats to Serah on her transition. I hope it’s gone well. I can’t listen to the interview now, but definitely gotta do that too.


That’s a plot twist I hadn’t expected. Have fun!

Thanks everyone! I was surprised when Tony asked to talk to me; I figured I hadn’t done anything worth the podcast community’s notice in a few years. But it felt like what it was, a conversation between old friends, and it was a lot of fun.

I don’t see a link to the episode’s page on Starship Sofa, so here’s one. There are some really excellent short stories in it too, so even if you skip the interview it’s well worth a listen.


How did I not know about this before? The interview is fascinating–I wouldn’t dream of skipping it–and I’m looking forward to the rest.

And good luck Serah. It sounds like you’re on an amazing journey.


I don’t know Serah, but have been listening to her creation, Escape Pod, FOREVER. They have made brilliant story choices year in, year out. I look forward to listening to the interview in my down time.

In the meanwhile, very best to you on your journey, Serah. May your friends in SF be ever at your side, and may you get back all you’ve given to so many.


Thanks so much for for sharing this, Boing Boing. I discovered Escape Pod when I was about 13/14, and followed it for ages. Really nice to hear her story again after so many years.

All the best, and thanks so much for creating Escape Pod.


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