Experience: "I got stuck hanging naked from a tree"

That’s just rude. If the eye isn’t being used, Odin should take it back.

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immediate response: regret.

secondary response: up and over the branch to loosen the knot without tension.

or, grabbing the knife i left on the ground below, just in case, and cutting the damn rope, above the knot.

And this, kids, is why you use the buddy system when doing performance art!


Of course this seems trivial to have avoided, if she had been prepared. But I’d bet if she’d had the experience and tools necessary to avoid that predicament, the the original bit of performance art would have had to have been a different schtick.

As it was, she ruined one piece of performance art, and instead ended up with some found art. It’s a worthwhile trade only because nobody got dead.

I said bring a knife, not wear one. It could have been in convenient arms reach on the ground. Or on a friend, as you say.

Memo to self: The next time am found hanging naked from a tree, blame it on “performance art”.


A single woman being stuck in paradise calling for Adam, is a piece of art.

Happy she got out fine.

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I feel like I’m seeing rule 34 from the other side.


I don’t think age has anything to do with it. This type of performance art is at least a half century old, and really, is not too dissimilar from much, much older artworks (unless you are so old and cranky that you actually predate, say, traditional paintings of St. Sebastian, or whatever…).

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These days everybody is a comedian. Needs a laugh track tho.

As someone who uses ropes for rescue work, I’m just shaking my head.

First impression is she made four major mistakes:

  1. Don’t try this at home
  2. Don’t do stunts like this alone
  3. For crying out loud, learn the right knots for the job!
  4. Have a release mechanism. Because shit happens.

On that last, I’d suggest a butterfly or inline figure eight. Neither will tighten under load.


Lesson: Always carry a knife. Even when you’re naked.

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Sorry but your advisement is incomplete.

Always carry a knife “in your teeth”

Even “Especially” when you’re naked.



I almost wrote always WEAR a knife even when naked but then my logic detectors blared and I had to change it. Damn conscience.

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