Explore Toyko's subway system in 3D

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This is impressive, and no mistake, but its ‘3D-ness’ is a bit less than might presumptively be hoped for. For instance, crossing subways allow no depth in how much ‘z-axis’ they are dug down to. For example, It might be suspected that the yellow subway line passes underneath the depicted water channel, maybe? Ah well, version 2.0 will be even more spectacular!

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AFAICT there is no way to change the point of view to a normal overhead view

try holding down your right mouse key and moving it about. that changes the prospect in 3D (for me) (and no, i’ve no clue how to do that on a phone. two fingers maybe? [shrug])

But does it play the JR East jingles?

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Just returned from 3 weeks in Japan.

Was blown away by the infrastructure there - and not just in Tokyo. You basically have the transportation infrastructure of an entire country built into cities like Tokyo or Osaka.

At any given moment hundreds trains are moving precisely on schedule moving millions of riders a day. In Tokyo alone there are 286 metro stations where wait times rarely exceed 10 minutes on a slow day.

Stations and trains are clean enough to eat off of, and once you figure out the general system - navigating between lines is pretty easy. Just expect to walk alot.

It’s all just damn impressive.


And best of all they don’t treat you like a criminal. If you have brought a paper ticket and change your destination on route, you can just go to the fare adjustment machine at your destination and update your ticket before exiting the gates. Also gates are open by default , if you fail to put your ticket in (or touch your pass) then the gate closes. Makes for much faster throughput of people.

I like that the buildings are in 3D also, I could find my apartment!


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