Explosion at NIST offices was a meth lab

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This’ll be an entertaining divide-by-zero error to watch. Which knee-jerk directive will the cops obey first? Zero tolerance drug war, or shield the fellow cop?

My money’s on the latter.


My money’s on the former.

When the police circle the wagons - that’s tribalism, and I believe that manufacturing meth is the kind of behaviour that’s anathema to being a cop, so he’s out of the tribe.

If you’re an incompetent cop, or a racist cop, or a drunk cop, or an irrationally apoplectic cop with impulse control issues - in all those cases you’re still a cop. But when you’re manufacturing drugs, you’re on the other side of the drug war; you’re not a cop anymore


I think what amuses me most about this story was that the explosion was in a lab for studying combustion. Like crashing into an ambulance.


Explains why they made the decision to ruin their credibility by bending over for the NSA.

Glad to see that the photo is of an art installation and not representative of the state of disarray in a government laboratory.

Injuries consistent with meth cooking gone bad? Make it consistent with any cooking gone bad that involves volatile flammable organic compounds/solvents.

Edit: also,
“Just say OOPS!”

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Judging by the quality of the crank out there I can only applaud the attempt to apply some sort of national standard. That’s what they were doing,right?


I’ve actually seen an ambulance back into someone at a hospital, knocking them over.

I had to sit down and breathe into a paper bag, I was laughing so hard.


I dunno, cops shield cops for stealing drugs, using drugs, selling drugs, paying sex workers with drugs, planting drugs on innocent people…

manufacturing drugs? If he’s charged they’ll probably go with something like “he was experimenting to better his policing” or some such bullshit. That defence has been used before when cops illicit behaviours have been tangled up in their own nets.


Oh what tangled webs we weave when we first practice organic chemistry without a first semester college textbook.


Basic organic chemistry (and basics of work with organic solvents and flammable materials in general, sometimes they can pack counterintuitive punch) should be taught at elementary school.

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I’m betting that this was a false flag operation, planted by ANSI.


If I were with NIST I would be pissed at whoever put my lab in the headlines by making this sort of entry-level mistake.

Probably only slightly less angry than if I learned that anything other than the very purest meth, suitable for calibration of precision instruments, were being sent out.


Can we safely rule out ISO and their sinister one-world-standardization-body agenda?


Not in favour of natural selection today?

Or a false flag operation by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

When I was at school I got interested in the renaming of organics which was going on at the time. I learned to shut up when our organics teacher started saying “Have we heard from the IUPAC representative today?”


Not any less than other days. But culling the merely uninformed with the genuinely dumb is a waste of resources.


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