Suspect arrested after Target bathroom explosion


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Bleach bomb? Or does target carry dry ice?


Maybe they can use this event to re-think the name of their store.


Thanks for the giggle!


Just wait, the American Family Association (Provisional Wing) is going to take credit.


bathroom explosion

Then I saw “Target”, and well that’s no fun at all.


Eh, someone was probably just trying to make meth.


funny that is exactly what came to my mind too


This is what they get for housing a Taco Bell in the store.


I was about to say: big deal, somebody bombs the men’s room where I work at least once a day.


And now all genders are forced to use one bathroom.

Thanks Obama.


Exactly. First thing I thought was “shake ‘n’ bake”. Then I started craving some Pollo Loco.


Let’s hope it wasn’t a cross-dressing bottle…


Jokes aside, it’d make me feel better (not safer, just better) if the culprit was brought up on charges of terrorism. At least for consistency sake.


Wait, is the lady brown or “foreign” enough to warrant said terrorism charge?


Sooner or later all that outrage they’ve manufactured is going to blow up in their faces.


You can be arrested for that? I mean, it’s rude not to clean up after yourself, but…

Oh, wait. An actual explosion. Never mind.

Yes, I know the joke’s already been made.




The bomb likely identifies as a woman.