Meth lab found underneath a Walmart parking lot


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‘Underground Lab’ = ‘Homeless dude’s quiet shake & bake spot’


Now I know to be suspicious of all those RVs in the Walmart parking lot. Walter and Jessie didn’t need to go all the way out to the desert to cook.



Or you could end up under a parking lot!


Dammit! The meth lab was supposed to go between housewares and gardening!


luckily, in this case, they were actually being pretty productive!


Still inconveniencing carriageways six hundred years later. Fucking blue bloods.


I wonder how many ewoks Kylo Ren harmed to wrestle that away.

Who are we kidding? None of them survived the end of Return of the Jedi


Hey! It wasn’t Florida this time, that’s exciting!


It’s pretty wild that they found this where they did. That particular Walmart is in the middle of a middle class neighborhood and some google map-fu leads to me to believe the culvert entrance that was being used just happened to be sandwiched between and behind another shopping center in such a way that accessing it inconspicuously was possible.


I find it hard to believe that whoever was working there would leave liquid methamphetamine lying around in a culvert. Stuff has value.


Cleanest Meth Lab I’ve ever seen.


It’s so easy to make (bad) meth these days that it can be done with a 2 liter bottle. That is the only explanation I can find for the cop pouring a liquid into a 2 liter bottle which is clearly not a sterile CSI vessel.


I’m from that area kinda. Lemme tell ya… Amherst isn’t the trashiest part of western new york. I’m from a nearby area so bad, every time I hear a fire truck wailing it’s horn going down the road the first thought I have is wondering if the fire was meth related.


Please tell me it was marketed as “locally grown”–perhaps even “artisanal”.


Well, what did you expect, a math lab?

Under a Walmart?


Why would the cops be using hazmat stuff? Whats going to kill you down there that they need it?


Huh, I’m going to have to look up Endor’s moon on wookieepedia and figure out it’s Roche Limit.

I haven’t gotten very far yet. But I have calculated Endor’s moon to have a mass of about 6.122*1020kg (85% earth’s gravity, 4900km diameter). And Endor’s moon’s density to be about 9.938kg/m3.

The Death Star, I’m sure is well-characterized in canon, so I’ll leave the rest as an exercise for the reader (because I’m not in the mood to do integrals for the Roche Limit at the moment).