Meth lab found underneath a Walmart parking lot

Quite possibly a lot of phosphorus, powerful solvents, and generally melted bits of what can be generously called “labware”, as well as just shittons of potential for all kinds of human waste and excrement. Meth users aren’t picky about pissing and shitting where they cook. Or, rather the impulsive ones aren’t. The obsessive ones may like to keep it collected in labeled jars.

Doesn’t it ever rain there?

Actually, the area is in a bit of a drought right now, so I bet that culvert hasn’t seen much rain runoff.

Then the alternative is that Kylo Ren may have beat up a bunch of ewoks to get Vader’s skull.

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Well how else are Walmart employees supposed to earn a decent living? Next they’ll be busting fast food employees for selling pot.


It wasn’t even in the south!


You know, if you’re going to have a meth lab, this is about the second-best place for it (the first being an industrial-zoned area).

One of the biggest concerns about meth labs is the volatility of the chemicals involved.

In this case, if something blows up or catches fire, it’s probably not going to burst through enough material to support the weight of a car. The only lives they were putting at risk were their own (and, y’know, the people who bought meth from them).

As opposed to the people who make meth in bottles in department store bathrooms, or in apartment buildings.

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