Extreme offroad minivan jumping looks like dangerous fun


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Years of playing Grand Theft Auto games have given me an irrational fear that any vehicle left on its side will soon explode.


They’re not Canadian or nothin eh?

I wonder how much longer these could go if you relocated the radiator to the rear. It always seems to be the weakest link that goes first.


They’re practicing for parking their minivans in their treehouse garages.


You need a rear engine, then. :smile:


Kind of makes me want to get a tiny child seat to put as a sidecar on a pair of Hoka One hikers. Honk if you drive for Aplesia.


If you are rich enough to play this game without stealing the cars, you probably did something even worse than stealing the cars to get the money.


The cars were provided by a wrecking yard. It says so at the end of the video. They might have been worth a few hundred dollars of scrap.


Why does the driver bother dismounting before the jump? It’s not exactly Snake River Canyon they’re launching over.


Have you ever been in a minor collision? If you’re in a car going 20mph, that means you’re going 20mph. Which is basically sprinting. Now imagine sprinting into, say, a dirt cliff. It’s not fun. You can only brace yourself so much. And if you’re trying to keep the vehicle under control your capacity to brace yourself is reduced.

Also these guys seemed to be expecing the airbags to deploy, which is a lot like receiving a haymaker from a Sumo wrestler. I’d rather bailout than get hit by an airbag.


My dad once accidentally jumped a fenland ditch in a rear-engined VW T3 minibus- it was undamaged, and he drove it out of the field it landed in.


Years ago, when I put my car through a fence and down a small bank into a field, I was desperate to get out before it burst into flames; which it didn’t. Afterwards, thinking about it, I realised I’d been conditioned by reading Biggles at an impressionable age.


See also - on the second jump, when they use a minivan to stop the runaway minivan, and he complains about how it hurt (despite the fact that it looks like quite a low speed collision).

Also - this is exactly what I always imagined small town Ontario boys do for fun, so when I heard the accents I had to look up where they’re from. Sure enough, Mattawa, Ontario.


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