"Extremely high concentrations of lead" found in WanaBana fruit puree pouches

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Sweet and soft, lead is basically the fruit of the post-transition metals; right?


Lead may not be entirely responsible for the peak in violent crime in the early 90s, but it may well have been a factor, and overall, it may be even more dangerous than previously thought. Lead is bad, y’all.


Shouldn’t the following sentence read "The US Food and Drug Administration warns not to buy instead of “now”?


“Dispose of the products immediately.”
Shouldn’t that advice also say “at an approved disposal facility”?
Most people will either throw them in the trash or flush them down the toilet.
North Carolina seems to endorse spreading the contamination.


As a North Carolinian I’m very doubtful that the local hazardous material recycling center is going to take food pouches. I can’t even get them to take my smoke detectors.

The following link indicated the FDA has issued a voluntary recall of the WanaBana apple cinnamon pouches. WanaBana has also agreed to voluntary recall the products. I would reach out to the FDA or perhaps your pediatrician to figure out the best course for disposal. Personally I would think garbage would be better and more contained than flushing the product.


So HOW did they get high levels of lead?


Fer sure. It’s why I’ve cut way down on my dark chocolate consumption. :grimacing:


@beschizza Please take note.

I’d hope that this doesn’t apply to contemporary apples(though I’d be unshocked by the contrary); but apparently lead arsenate had a good run in apple orchard pesticide applications.


The CW network in the US has been rebroadcasting Canadian shows, I assume because they are relatively inexpensive to license and help fill the schedule. One of those was a Canadian medical/police procedural drama called “Coroner” and baby food with toxic levels of lead was central to the plot of one of the episodes: "Coroner" Heartbeet (TV Episode 2022) - IMDb

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It’s not clear whether the other flavors are also a problem. I got a few of these at the dollar store, and I must say they do wonders for a rum or vodka drink!

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