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Here’s a game that might otherwise easily fit in Wrath or Links.

Post a link to something you desperately wish EVERYONE would read or watch.


It can be funny, political, musical, informative, whatever. The point is that you only get to post ONE link, every ten SUBMISSIONS (mere comments don’t count). Minor, don’t-abuse-this exception: If it’s a multi-part YouTube video or an article divided into several parts, then you can post all the links so people don’t have to hunt down the rest of the material. No books or paywalled material. It has to be something anyone can watch or read through a link without having to get a Netflix subscription or library card.

SUGGESTION: If posting something more controversial, try to pick something that you feel best embodies your position. Remember, it’s the theoretical ONE thing you want people to read.

I will start by posting something more on the fun side and less controversial. Just so as not to immediately scare away people who aren’t in the mood to read or post something alarming or trenchant (those posts are still more than welcome).

It’s something I suspect @Donald_Petersen might get a kick out of. Mr. Plinkett’s Star Wars Phantom Menace review, an exegesis of all things wrong with the prequels. In my opinion, it’s practically a course in how not to make a movie while poking gentle dark fun at all of us pendantic nerds:


I’ve been meaning to watch this for, like, years. And now here they all are, conveniently arranged for my viewing pleasure! Thanks! Now I just need to find a spare hour to watch 'em. So long, lunchtime!


Red Letter Media is good stuff.

If you, like me, find enjoyment in the entertainingly presented opinions of random Internet folks, it’s hard not to love those hack frauds.

After the Star Wars review I’d recommend taking a look at either Half in the Bag (recent, mostly disappointing Hollywood crap) or Best of The Worst (horrible VHS-era schlock).

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And now for something completely different.

I like zombies (since anything George did was basically your only option for “high” production values - relatively), so if there is a good (story+production values) movie out there & I’d hate for you to miss it. This one is from the UK, tho along with The Horde (French) it slipped under most ppls radar. The Horde just popped up on the NF, but not “Dead Set” - this is the entire series in one upload. The uploader either didn’t know or misspelt series as serious, so I give you: Dead Set Serious

Note: A central part of the story is that it involves a “Big Brother” type location/cast. I hate those types of shows, but in this format it works quite well.

BTW: this got a slew of BAFTA nominations - yet even most horror fans haven’t heard of it. : (


An oldie but goodie:


Read it! Now.


Look Around You.


Ahem. Real horror fans have. It’s a hoot and a half! Well recommended!


Danny MacAskill continues to amaze:


This is incredibly difficult. Something soothing or something shrill? Something old or something new? Something cerebral or something emotional? Something world-factual or an act of creativity? I couldn’t even nail down the parameters, if I only get one shot.

Here’s my choice: Something soothing, something new, something cerebral and emotional, something created:

BBC Radio 6 Music Live, published June 16th 2016:

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Very NSFW:

It was on the closing of the first episode of the 4th season of Orange is the New Black… I think they might have influenced Garfunkle and Oates…


This is a song that has been helping me.
I Like Giants - Kimya Dawson


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