EZTV.it blocked in the UK

Well they finally went and did it, what am I supposed to do now?!

Waitaminute, what’s with all these proxies bottom right?

Can you quote the actual text from the screenshot? It’s hard to read as an image and I find it interesting.

I can access the site again.
and I can’t get back the above page (!) and… I’m not transcribing it.
It is interesting, a hoax, a joke, whatevs. It blocked me for two days.

Hello visitors from the United Kingdom

You are seeing this site as you have been recently blocked in your country.

Holywood has convinced the courts in the United Kingdom that they can control the internet and that censorship works.
They are, of course, wrong. You might want to vote in some people who understand this - the Pirate Party UK (PPUK) would be a good choice. They want to make culture sharing not an illegal activity.

On the right hand side of your screen are lists of VPN Providers and Proxy Services. You can use these to get around silly things like court mandated ISP blocks.

Short introduction to VPNs and proxies: VPNs usually cost money, but provide encrypted and anonimized access to the internet. VPNs also encrypt your entire connection and provide sufficient bandwidth for obtaining TV shows. Proxies are simpler services that simply defer your web requests through remote servers. They don’t provide much in the way of anonimization and encryption, but they do enable you to access our site and our TV shows.

You might also want to consider using a different DNS from the one your ISP provides for you, Google has its own fast, unfiltered DNS service and there is also OpenDNS. But do note that this alone won’t take care of the blocking done by UK ISPs.

EZTV neither runs nor is responsible for any of the VPN providers or Proxy services listed on this page.

speeling and grommer and englishing left the way it is.


aaaaaaand it’s back.

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