Sky censoring Ukrainian site, says it has "a white list of international media websites which are currently blocked"


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I guess they don’t actually know what a white list is.


Yep, the UK is increasingly going the way of china…

My VPN subscription is looking more essential with every passing day :confused:

Edit: just tried it.
Virgin media: site times out
Via a VPN in miami: site loads fine


I don’t think we are going the way of china

I can get to it from work, so this is not a blanket filtering.

I’ll give it a go on Sky when I get home.

Even with censorship of news sites?

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I have tried

My question is: whose “whitelist” (sic) is Sky enforcing? Sky’s? David Cameron’s? Moscows?



Well the other question is are they incompetent and this was actually meant to be white listed or are they incompetent and they meant to say black listed.


we have little information on this we need look into it more before jumping to conclusions times out for me too, works fine though. I’m on a BT Wholesale wet string connection, which is resold by Talktalk business.

True, though it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if it’s intentional.

I don’t think this is a Sky problem. It is unreachable from all of my UK broadband line, my UK datacentre hosted server, and my Amsterdam hosted server. I tried a couple of those “is site x down” websites and they also claimed it was unreachable.

More likely they have some network issues and Sky’s support monkeys are incompetent.


Say what you want about the US, but I’m glad we don’t have a secret list of filtered websites. Once you cross the line of suppressing speech, propaganda becomes far too tempting for the state.

That secret list that nobody told you about you mean?


The US has a fair amount of censoring going on exactly like in the UK - just the content is different.


It would be interesting to compare where traceroute shows the packets disappearing.

Coming from a small webhoster, not via Sky, I see that for traffic that’s blocked ( the last hop is, but traffic that isn’t ( continues on to That’s presumably their gateway interface to the Ukrainian ISP Dreamline.

I believe that is a Russian company. Is it possible that the Russian government has ordered the traffic blocked rather than the UK government? Does Sky traffic to the Ukraine also go through RETN?


Oh, I don’t know about that.

Being a US citizen there is plenty about the country that I’m not too happy about right now – couldn’t begin to even count, really – but freedom of the press is something that fortunately (and a bit surprisingly, really) it still relatively healthy.

Not sure where you’re from, but the US has constitutionally guaranteed press freedom (unlike a lot of modern democracies, such as Australia), and compared to a lot of our other rights – which are on life support, at best – it’s doing fairly well.

You may find this list interesting:

About the only thing I can think of explicitly censored is “obscenity” (there are types of fetish porn legal in many European counties that you won’t find in the US), so I think we need to give credit where credit it due, and criticism were it belongs. Most of the censorship in the US is self-censorship; even that is troubling, but I think likening it to state-sponsored censorship is somewhat overstating things.

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The link works here in Canada (Cogeco is my ISP.)

You are correct. The blocking (assuming it actually is blocking, not just a SNAFU) is taking place within Russia, and it turns out that the route taken by LINX to get to Ukraine goes via Russia, but the route taken from many (most?) other countries does not.

In other words, this article is pretty much entirely wrong. As is Sky’s helldesk, but that’s not exactly news.