FAA approves tests of new design for middle seats that are more comfortable and speed boarding

I did not need that mental image, thanks.


I have known about it for at least ten years now, and I’ve been calling it the Moron Label ever since. Then again, I have never been under the illusion that the US wasn’t deeply fascistic, so I’ve been keeping a close eye on fascists for as long as I’ve been able to.


Wet blanket.

Thanks! Per wikipedia the words became popular with the gun nuts “in the late 1990s and early 2000s.”

“The seat pairs this staggering effect with a two-level armrest design…”

Three cheers for two-level effects…


Doesn’t recline? GOLD!
5% heavier? DOA?
Company name? kill it with fire.


Yeah I read about it in this fabulous book. Unfortunately I’m at work and the book is at home.

FAR does give an envelope of expected G loading during normal operation and in crash situations (25.561, 25.562) and every seat design must be approved by them (25.785). The only mention of seat deformation, or as the FAA puts it “yielding” is that it’s okay for a seat structure to yield so long as it remains attached at all points and does not hinder evacuation, e.g. by deforming so much that it pins in a passenger etc.

I am guessing that seat structure deformation is implied as part of seat designers implementing the FAA requirements.


The book sounds interesting, so I bought it. Thanks!

I’m going to negotiate down to just some minor nibbling of the hat brim since you’re not jumping to defend the seat deformation as actually being engineered specifically to dissipate the energy of the crash. (Any deformation requires and therefore absorbs energy, but that does not appear to be the intended purpose.)

Also, bonus points for the FAR section references. Who knew there was a “headstrike zone”?


Some weenie was flying a flag with a cannon and those words on his boat in the harbor here. So someone took the flag.


I keep seeing depictions of these seats… but no photos of actual people seated in them.


Colorado’s Molon Labe Designs

From an official company press release:

Yeah, that's right. That's how good our product is. We named it first and then an American alt-right meme popped up. We don't give a shit. Their meme will burn out long before our company does.


It occurs to me that, because the middle seat in front of you would also presumably be further back, this design might discourage people from encroaching on the middle seat’s space.

I think I’d have to actually fly in one of these in order to figure out if it’s a good idea or not, though.

I’m not at all trying to one-up you with “I’ve got it worse”, but just be careful what you wish for. As a short person, sitting in one of those seats is torture for longer hauls because my feet can’t fully plant on the floor, which means the back of my thighs are under too much pressure, which causes leg numbness and ends up screwing up my lower back.

It takes special skill to design a seat that is uncomfortable for every single body type.

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Heh…of course they don’t give a shit because fundamentally they support the ideology behind it. Long history here…it isn’t just “an American alt-right meme”. :slight_smile:

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Aaaaaand what evidence do you have of this?

Their company name, for starters. The fact that they don’t disavow the associated ideology in the strongest possible terms.

Now if only the FAA would approve testing for evacuation speed being affected by the seat pitch. But safety testing is likely to erode profits, while this… yeah, whatever.


Except the seat in front of you is also the same design so the additional space is cancelled out by the space taken by the next forward seat…

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