FAA approves tests of new design for middle seats that are more comfortable and speed boarding

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the design of the seat is inconsequential. It’s all about the people left and right. Assholes will take the arm rest and man spread their legs because their assholes.


Soon: companies start charging more for the “premium” higher seats next to windows and aisles.

I’m calling it.


It seems like it would making reaching the window seat even more awkward, shuffling sideways around the middle seat in front of you.

Also, as a tall gal, I find airline seats already a bit too low. My thighs are almost completely unsupported and my feet get tired from supporting my legs the whole time. If I’m on an exit row, I can slide my feet far enough forward to get my thighs onto the seat but in a standard row, no. So is this middle seat even lower than standard? or are the outer two seats higher? Being in a middle seat below the people next to me, with my knees up in the air, well, that doesn’t sound good at all.


The whole article is a violation of the Second Law of Avionics: “Newly developed plane seats can only be less comfortable than their predecessors.”


Wait wait wait…more comfortable than existing middle seats? How is such a thing even possible!? Truly we live in wondrous days when even the most luxurious experiences are being improved.


Thanks for giving me another reason not to fly.


I apologize for being stupid, but I don’t get it. /sadface /shrug


Will there be more knee room?

It seems that if the middle seat is slid back by three inches, there’d need to be close to three more inches of knee room just to provide safe egress from either the window or center seat.


Useless bit of trivia, but airliner seat design requires that the seats themselves become part of the “crumple zone” in the event of a crash or hard landing, just as the luggage compartments beneath the main cabin do. The seats must be designed to withstand a certain amount of force and then deform in such a way as to dissipate energy.

Also, seats positioned over the aircraft wing have less crumple zone beneath them because of the structure of the wing spar and the landing gear bays.


Middle seats: now with 3" more claustrophobia as you get tucked below and behind the folks hemming you in.

I’m short enough that my feet don’t touch the ground in most airplane seats (try that on an 18 hour flight and see if you still think long-legged folk are the only ones who suffer). But getting squished behind others totally cancels out the appeal of a lower seat. No thanks.


Of course if airlines really gave a shit about boarding planes with any kind of speed, they would board from the back going forward with first class boarding last. But then they would be providing a perk to people who haven’t paid for their upsold services.

Commercial flights are like a Marxist parable.


Good news: now you will be at armpit-level for an even larger percentage of the flying public! For extra joy, if you fall asleep and slump in either direction, your nose will be slightly behind their arms, for direct access to olfactory bliss!/s


Ooh, I gonna have to call “citation needed” on that one. I recall hearing that airliner seats have design requirements involving g-loads, but I’ll eat my hat if there is anything in FAR Part 25 about energy dissipation during a crash.

And I don’t like the taste of my hats.


Molon Labe: Battle-cry of right-wing reactionaries. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=molon+labe+right+wing&t=ffab&ia=web


I thought it was because their nuts.


You want our seats? Come and take them!

Does seem like a weird name for someone who isn’t doing guns stuff

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The company founder is an Aussie and professes to have been unaware of the phrase’s use by US gun nuts when he named the company. Considering that he founded it in 2007, and I (an American) never heard of the association until a couple years ago, I don’t find this implausible. He’s said he’s considering changing the name.


It’s because we assholes who are more than six feet tall have to sit there with our knees stabbing the seat in front of us. And don’t get me started on tray tables that can’t go flat because they rest on our laps.

Sure, we could sit knock-kneed but then our feet pop out to the sides, tripping people in the aisle. It really comes down to needing more leg room for us talls.

Don’t bodyshame me because I’m > 74" long. :slight_smile: