FAA: 'zero tolerance' for unruly airline passengers, maskless MAGA jerks face possible jail

Yes. Though it will make them pay a high price from day Arizona or Houston. That’s likely 20 grand? That’ll hurt, even if it’s coming from your pac.

Also - these folks are going to have a hard time at work or taking a vacation.


For Enhanced Hospitality?


What? Terrorists on the no-fly list are allowed to just fly private? Do the Middle Eastern terrorists know this loophole?

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We’re about to see a flood of tearful “I just took my mask down for a moment to blow my nose and they pounced on me!” tweets.


No passports required to fly between US states. Somebody from the Middle East would need to go thru passport control at some point where they would be denied entry.

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We have family members who must fly for their work (on-site computer work at power plants). We worry about them every single time they go, but they MUST travel by plane.


That must be super stressful. My wife does retail and she’s worried every day, especially when people refuse to mask up. Stay safe.


And the flights TO the Capitol they were riled up before the riot, I can only imagine how bad it was on the return flights (I haven’t watched any of those yet, except the guy crying in the airport, which delighted me.)


But, muh Freedumbs!!!
Gods below, it’s well past time for this. In before Qcumber Barbie demands the right to take her Freedom Peepee on the plane and spray bullets around randomly because shall not be infringed just like the “Admiralty USA Inc. flag in the courtroom”.


I fear that a number of people will be caught up in this just because they were flying while Black or brown. Some racist flight attendant is going to pick on someone Black or brown and either that person just takes it, or stands up against the bully and get pepper sprayed by the police.

Tell me this can’t happen. I dare you.

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