Gentleman in red MAGA cap disrupts flight


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and here i thought it was all the millenials who were entitled whiners?


I pretty much assume that anyone wearing one of those hats in public is looking for an occasion to create a small-scale version of the hatred and chaos that their leader and his henchmen have visited upon the country as a whole.


Millennials and Boomers man, different side of the same damn coin.



What I find strange is he doesn’t seem to have an accent that denotes a “typical white 'murican” - the underprivileged (ETA: unknown if that’s what he may be) of any color or culture jumping on the Trump bandwagon is what baffles me the most.


“Like Turkey’s voting for Thanksgiving”


As long as there’s someone lower on the totem pole than you, your life is immediately better off. Trump’s promise is that there will always be someone worse off than you. And if that person doesn’t exist yet, Trump will create him.


Hey my generation might have our issues but at least we aren’t nowhere near as petty and nihilistic as the boomers can be hahaha


I think we do have an international incident if the plane stopped at SFO so that Chinese police could escort the man off the plane.


To those so inclined to behave disruptively in public: I invite you, too, to don a MAGA hat, even if you aren’t a Trump supporter.


I work at a university, I see both sides every damn day. Sure sure, #notallmillennials and #notallboomers, but honestly, they’re more alike than different.

Our only hope: Generation Z. Just starting to see them come in! And one of my GenX brethren got tenure last year! :wink:

Sorry for the derail, I’m out! :wink:


Are we sure it’s not actually Trump?



The one time you wished United got all aggro.

Haha, J/K. Or am I?


I am waiting for the full story to come out that he was “off his meds” and “not in control of himself” and “how it isn’t his fault that he is a victim”…

3, 2, 1…


One lesson I take from this: it is preferable to be arrested in China than in Chicago.


Liked for your colleague getting tenure, no easy feat these days.

But generations are a marketing gimmick that promote ageist stereotypes.


The flight was delayed until he was eventually talked off the plane in Shanghai. It is not known if he was jailed in China or just lectured and released. The plane then had to stop in SFO to change crews before continuing on to Newark.

This account provides more details but the guy apparently thought he was entitled to an upgrade because “he had points” and demanded the whole row next to him remain empty. He blocked access to the other seats for over an hour before they deplaned everyone else. They apparently spent another hour or two talking him off the plane, presumably to avoid another dragging incident like before.

The fact that he was wearing a MAGA cap is just icing on the cake and has no real relevance other than to illustrate what an asshole he is.


I might be wrong, but his speech just sounded slightly slurred to me. I would not be shocked to learn some airport alcohol was involved.