FAANS: A Fannish Mystery; humorous 1983 science fiction fandom video

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I have posted an incredibly long piece on Facebook where I try to catalogue everyone who is in this video, what some of their achievements are and what some of the terms mean. It is by no means complete and I am asking everyone to add to this.

In it, I also catalogue why I am doing and what my history with this was.

I will NEVER understand why FAANS didn’t get a Hugo. Perhaps we can petition for a Retro Hugo? This is an incredibly dense video in that you see a lot of important fans and pros performing in a short, 30-minute comedy. It has a definite place in fan history.

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Thank you for posting this, Cory!

The fan mainly responsible for “FAANS” was Larry Tucker, who stars as Uncle Albert. He wrote most of the script, staged and filmed it, and went to numerous conventions to film the scenes, which he edited. I was privileged to assist.

Larry was the first fan to create a video fanzine. He was a stalwart of Midwestern fandom in the '70s and '80s, documenting many conventions on tape. He also put thousands of hours of volunteer work into the Ann Arbor SF club, the Stilyagi Air Corps, and its convention, ConFusion.

His death was a sad one: http://m.michiganradio.org/post/homeless-veteran-buried-national-cemetery-after-5-months-unclaimed-morgue

More about Larry: http://fancyclopedia.org/larry-tucker

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