Fabulous hats of San Quentin State Prison women inmates


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Perfect sorry-not-sorry from woman who killed her husband

Weaponized? Some of those exceed North Korea’s strategic military hat dimensions.


Think of the contraband that could be smuggled with those gargantuan bonnets?


Lorena Bobbitt: There is nothing new under the sun[bonnet].


It is a strange fact that the more banana the republic, the bigger the military hats.


I think she looks happier here.


When I saw that first image the thing that immediately sprang to mind was Richard Dawkins’ Biomorphs. For example:


Breeding Biomorph hats, anyone…?


“Mayhem” is a strange euphemism, but I guess they didn’t have room on the sign for details, huh?


Imagine that you had a penis, and it was later cut off. Could you properly defend yourself in combat?


Not in a “swordfight”, nudge, wink.


One’s fencing might be frot with difficulty!


Now I want the animated GIF version of all the hats.


Considering the fact that the original “combat” in question was probably quite real (i.e., rape), I’d say this fits the official definition perfectly!


Am I the only one here who immediately thought: hat pins?


the top-left woman reminds me of Emma Thompson in Nanny McPhee.


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