Face sculptures from toilet paper rolls


That face on the right, is the same face I make when I’m on the toilet.

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This is a bit more inventive than our usual routine of stuffing tubes into other tubes in an effort to reduce the number of times they have to be taken down to the recycling bins.

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the blue one is supposed to be Bush, right?


Was thinking the same thing…

It’s the face you make when you realize there is no toilet paper.

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If only Easter Island had had toilet paper rolls, it would have saved them a lot of work.

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Wonderful wonderful faces! This man should win the Nobel Prize for bathrooms!

If that were at the center of my TP, I’d never shit again.

These are fantastic! I wonder if Junior Fritz Jacquet works them completely dry, or if the cardboard was moistened slightly to help make it easier to shape. I also wonder if he used bone folders or similar book and paper arts tools to help shape them.


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