Facebook allegedly deleted a guy's Facebook/Oculus account for talking about how he broke his neck playing a vr game

Odds are that FB/Oculus has something in the Terms&Conditions/EULA/whatever which lets them do this.


your access to or use of Oculus Products may be suspended or disabled, and you may lose access to, or use of part or all of, the services offered by Facebook or third parties through Oculus Products, if… (2) we believe your access to, or use of, Oculus Products creates a health and safety risk

id guess there’s easily a hundred printed pages of oculus and facebook ( which they say explicitly apply ) terms of service and terms of conduct spread across maybe 6 or 7 top linked pages. ( community standards, privacy policy, media policy, third party use standards, vr conduct policy, etc, etc. )

that bit above though was on the first policy i looked at, along with enforced arbitration, and their right to use your face and any media you create in their ads and promotions without notification or compensation.

Standard boilerplate, then.

pretty much.

in this case they could say “for you it posed a health risk, so we banned you.” i’d suspect there are also disparagement clauses in there.

There’s probably something about forfeiting your immortal soul or the blood of your firstborn or something like that as well.


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