Facebook allowed third party marketers to download names of people in private groups

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/07/12/facebook-allowed-third-party-m.html




“Private groups” on Facebook. Lol. Nothing on Facebook is private. If you put something on Facebook, it belongs to Facebook. Your information is their principal product. Don’t expect them not to sell it when they can.

This is especially chilling news for people like me, who belong to private groups for our early 1990s Boy Scout Patrol.

Political Gold, right there.

Yikes, that tweeted screenshot is horrifying. This is not a joke, & these women are not to be blamed for expecting a private group to be private. Blame FB, blame the bosom-triggered trolls, but please let’s not blame the women, or tell them “delete FB” as if that would fix everything. They have lost their support group after having it turned into a torture chamber.


I haven’t read the FB terms and conditions, so this is a genuine question: does anyone know what “private” is defined as by FB in the Ts and Cs?

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