Poll: Facebook is the least trusted custodian of private information, majority of Americans do not trust it


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/26/bottom-of-the-pack.html




Facebook fared worse than competitors like Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

Facebook has competitors? In what sense?


The cognitive dissonance with Facebook users is vast and unsettling. Right comrade?


FTC says it is investigating Facebook privacy practices


It’s about time. If the FTC had any real teeth this would have never been allowed to happen with Facebook or any other data mining corporation.


I’d certainly delete my Facebook account, if I had one.


Now, guess what percentage of them would grant this exact quiz broad access to their facebook account in order to take it?


Oh, come on. Facebook gave away everyone’s info knowingly, in exchange for money. Compare that to Equifax, whose whole raison d etre is to sell your data, and wound up letting it fly out the window for years.

Oh, and there’s the cherry on top: no prosecution.


Slurping data.


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