Facebook bans famous war photo because the screaming, napalmed child's genitals are offensive


As usual, fuck Facebook.

But at this point it’s like calling Donald Trump a liar.

  • who in their right mind would even bother checking?!

Facebook has power because everybody submits unto them. If you can’t refuse, then at least be aware of what you’re giving up and what what you’re feeding.


Perfect example of US mores:
USA: Where only napalm is worse than nekkidness.


I can not understand why a naked women’s breast is so unacceptable, people
will march, write protest letters, etc. But if the breast is covered with
blood, NO Problem.


If I am ever on Life Support;

Unplug me

Wait a couple of minutes

Plug me back in.

See if that works


Stealing that for my headstone!


I hadn’t heard that before, thank you so much for posting it.


That was actually my point!

The photo used U.S. cultural norms to make an indelible argument against what we were doing there.


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It’s either that or quirky modern poetry




That Javascript haiku is damn clever*, even if it is the most neckbeardy thing ever.

*even more clever if each of the two curly braces at the end is pronounced as an awkward empty pause



I suspect that you’d enjoy the rest of the album it’s from, too.


Like this one:




I dunno, not nothing.

I’ve thought for awhile that if such a dominance came about, as it is now, that someone or something online would become the first virtual equivalent of a POPOS or POPS, a privately owned public open space or privately owned public space.

What hinders it is, what does Facebook owe for? Usually these arragements are tit-for-tat.

Typically the private component gets something from the arbiter of public components, a government.

So, if Facebook owes nothing, sure.

But now… what with Facebook for many years accepting taxpayer subsidies that now exceed one beellyon dollars…

Not much would change, FB would police the same efficient way, but when this occurred, they’d have to put it right the fuck back up.




Agree totally but my initial thoughts on this were she would have to do a handstand to show any genitalia.

I also used your argument on another forum as many nude bodies have been shown with regards to holocaust, men, women and children.

How would facebook regard any of these photo’s?



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