Facebook blames malicious browser plugins for leak of 81,000 users' private messages and offer of account data for 120,000,000 users

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So, “We think we know which extensions are doing this, but we are not going to tell you.” And they still can claim, with a straight face, “this is not our fault.” I am so glad i do not have FB. To say they engage in jungle rules is an insult to jungles.


Anybody who installs a personal shopping assistant deserves exactly what they get. I don’t give a damn if it’s victim-blaming. Some victims deserve blame.

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I think Facebook vastly underestimates how repeated breaches of private messages will hurt them. I swapped out Facebook messenger for Signal, and once I wasn’t using messenger my use dropped dramatically.

Edit: Oops hit save early. Wanted to link to Metcalfe’s law:

The strength of Facebook’s network is N^2. “Small” numbers of people leaving has a cascading effect in the system.


Did those browser plug-ins only slurp Facebook data, or did 120M people get nailed for everything?

I have a few relatives that install stuff like this, and I find it really hard to put into words how to determine what is sketchy and what isn’t. I generally stick with, “Assume everything is malware”, or “just don’t install plugins”.
Even then, explaining about ads that look like warnings from your OS is a nightmare. They design this stuff to look convincing, but if you say, “ignore system all warnings”, they might miss actual warnings from the OS or virus checker. :neutral_face:

“The dog ate my homework.”

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