Facebook curiosities

Are there any other Facebook participants here?

I have been wondering for at least a year now. They seem to do things to make it less useful, more irritating. I have a suspicion this is a new business model. They have too many customers. The customers they have stay too long. Like Starbucks being filled by laptop workers they have a problem of being too comfortable, too much “fun.”

So they have actively worked to limit your time there. They have actively worked to make it harder to promote events seriously (without, of course, paying)

So here is my question. Is this really going on or are they just lame. Now they have introduced this idea of bringing content back that you “may have missed”, but it seems to really be a way to put you into a short loop of content that is stored on your computer instead of polling their server every minute or so.

I suppose it isn’t that different to fast food joints using colors or furniture that make you leave after 20 minutes. Funny way to provide a service though.

I gave up on FB about a year ago. For whatever that is or isn’t worth.

If you want a microblogging/dear-everyone system, I think there are better alternatives.

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