Facebook employee dead after 'apparent suicide' at headquarters

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That’s sure a mild way of putting it.


For international readers


Facebook might as well take other pages from FoxCon. They’re already doing pretty well on competitive milking of cities and States, so I’d say putting suicide nets on their buildings will fit rather nicely.


Is this a story that is worth reporting because it is a sad and tragic incident or because it is Facebook?

Facebook is rightly criticised for the way it operates and how it treats people, but with so little available information it seems pre-emptive to repeat.


Suicides are a difficult thing to report about, because of the copycat effect. My local paper, the Süddeutsche Zeitung has a policy of not reporting suicides any more, and the editors think it reduced the number of people jumping in front of subways. As scummy as Facebook can be, at least they are not oversharing this time.

There is a good chance that the suicide was not work-related, but could be due to other health issues or stress from family. Even at a stressful place to work, people sometimes get overwhelmed by other issues.


I live in a 12 story public housing building that is no stranger to suicide. We had an incident a while back where someone landed on the portico roof from the 12th floor. Now, this side of the building would have been fairly difficult to jump from as opposed to the other side where it would be easy. So it was suspected that the poor person simply had a grand mal seizure near the window. They did actually survive, but for how long I never did find out. You never do forget the sound of a body landing right outside your window.


Did the attempt fail? Is this a murder mystery? These air quotes in the headline are bothering me, perhaps more than they should.

My best friend did a swan dive off a construction building when he was told he had cancer and would not live long. The building was on a university where his Grandfather was a faculty Dean.

Why he choose that site, I guess he wanted to finish University.

Miss you everyday Josh.


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