Survival: One day at a time (TW: PTSD, Violence, Trauma)

We’re living through history-making times. The upheavals we’re seeing today are the kind that get taught in history books tomorrow.

And it has an effect.

As that essay makes clear, this is not new for many of us, though some of us may not have had the words or the courage to call it what it is. I say courage, because our society does indeed like to dictate who can lay claim to trauma. So we tell ourselves that what we feel or experience isn’t earned, like somehow it’s a badge of honour to get this pain. In reality, it’s a case of staying alive in a world that’s trying to kill you. Poverty, racism, abuse, homophobia and transphobia, ableism, harassment, and assault can all create PTSD. Daily, we’re being afflicted with the horror of watching while the people many of us were taught to see as protectors are revealed to be the very monsters they were supposed to defend us from.

I want to believe we come out the other side of this able to build a better world. But when we get there, many of us will still be wearing the scars of this one.

And a reminder:


Follow the link for UK phone numbers and emails for all kinds of mental health support.


Updated the list.


I knew there was one here somewhere. Good work.


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