Mass shootings keep killing people, even after they're over

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Survivor’s guilt, PTSD, debilitating fear of similar (everyday) settings… even those who were never injured will suffer a lifetime of crippling stress, anxiety, depression, and the mountain of medical bills that come with it. This is what we leave people with by continuing to ignore the increasingly obvious solution to this problem, in opposition to every other developed country on Earth. And it will continue to kill people.

Keep fucking that chicken, America.


I think that is actually more tragedy than I can stand this afternoon. Fucking hell.


That is tragedy upon tragedy. And we keep doing nothing. :cry:




Just came to post this. Also just read a story where the district is now blaming the principal and other administrators for not locking down campus tight enough on that day, like a prison.

God forbid anyone look at the culture around guns, violence and revenge that we’ve put together, and the easy availability if the first. Far better to debate the mental health status of the perpetrator(s) than be concerned about that of the victims. Far better to lock our children behind high walls and armed guards.

I am tired. I am tired of having to hear about all of this, all the time, because it just keeps happening, and the only response is bigger walls, higher fences and more guards. It used to be a joke that kids compared schools to prisons. Now there’s becoming almost no functional difference. All because some people don’t want to solve the right fucking problems.


In case anyone reading this needs a reminder or wishes to update, we have an international list of resources:


Yeah, colombine, for instance, started a lot… trench coat shooters, going postal


I want to tear into an idiot who uses the term “Crisis Actor” online just to feel like I am doing something helpful in response here.


How many before the mental health crisis gets the recognition it requires? Holy fuck!


The NRA has been courting conspiracy theorists, like one of the people who’s spent the last seven years harassing the Sandy Hook parents, in an attempt to gin up more conspiracies about the Parkland shooting. How classy.

What a good and definitely-only-committed-to-gun-safety-and-firearms-access organization the NRA is.


To anyone who continues to insist that school shootings (and mass shootings in general) are isolated incidents that shouldn’t interfere with how you live, be aware that by insisting that students and teachers bear the brunt of your precious right to bear lethal weapons without restriction, you are also insisting that we literally preemptively traumatize an entire generation of children even if they never get shot at.

This is madness.


That is so truly horrifying. My youngest is graduating from HS this year and I am so very glad that they are all out and moving on with their lives. This generation will be scarred forever, but at least the guns are safe! :rage:

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