Father of Sandy Hook victim dead of an apparent suicide

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The only word I can think of right now is FUCK! I want to scream it out, but I can’t.

No one should have to experience what these people have.


Be at peace Brother, we won’t forget.


The past seven years must have been about as bad as anything imaginable. Losing a child in such a violent manner would be unbearable. Then add a steady stream of insults from people who claim the Sandy Hook shooting was fake, gun advocates who are angry at you for wanting to ban assault weapons, regularly timed mass shootings across the country that stir up emotions, etc, etc, etc.


I can’t imagine his surviving family’s grief at this moment. There are no words for comforting compounded loss. If he and his wife were still together, I just hope people close to her tell her explicitly “this is not your fault.”



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I think you (i.e. every reader) should have a look at this:

If you can contribute to this topic, it would be welcome.

If you are feeling you cannot take it any more, be aware that you are not alone in this. And there are people who will try to help you to find your strength.


Something something… thoughts and prayers.

Honestly seeing that 3 people that were directly impacted by these shootings have taken their lives is really tragic. This really underscores the need to keep pushing for gun control no matter what.


from Scott Johnson at Frogpants…


It would be useful if someone could edit the original article to add a link to that list. I’m sure that the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline wouldn’t turn down a call from another country, but it could potentially cost a lot of money for the caller.


I just looked at the comments section of FoxNews’ report on this. There’s some seriously sick shit in there.

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The book “Influence” by Robert Cialdini talked about this as the “Little Werther” effect.

It is pretty scary. Essentially publishing details of a suicide make it more “normalized” in the minds of other people and reduces their inhibitions against it, especially if they have a similar community affiliation (ex: Curt Cobain copycat suicides). It’s a variant of :“leading by example”.

In this case the community in question being survivors of school shootings. This is why the Alex Jones harassment is less likely to push them over the edge than watching the other school shooting survivors commit suicide.

I really hope that some emergency counselling is being done right now for survivors in this situation.

I also really pray (and disgusted that I have to pray about this) that nobody is gloating about these suicides either.


Yet more blood on Alex Jones’ fatuous, dimwitted, credulous conscience.


Fucking hell.

FoxNews comments; where angels fear to tread.

If anyone is, I’ll bet it’s in the FoxNews comment section, but no way in hell will I be looking there.


It’s about equal parts gloating, conspiracy theories, and damning him for “taking the easy way out.” Stay far away. It’s sickening.


That’s a good reply to the increasingly meaningless “thoughts and prayers.”


Yeah, I’m just surprised this hasn’t happened more. To lose a child alone destroys people. To then have the right-wing conspiracy that leads to denying your child ever existed, plus actual attacks (literal and metaphorical) from those rancid nutsacks. It’s so beyond what most people can even imagine going through. Then to have it never end, essentially.
Someone was talking about how kids who are shooting survivors have issues with PTSD that soldiers don’t. Soldiers leave the battlefield behind, but for the shooting survivors, the “battlefield” is their day-to-day environment.

Oh Jesus, I can’t even. But I’m not the least bit surprised - the distance between Alex Jones and Fox News isn’t that large. (And then where there’s no overlap, the Fox viewers are just heartless assholes.)

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even have one. That he’s still doing this shit, knowing the impact, is conclusive proof.


Thanks for the warning, but I wouldn’t have gone there with stolen eyeballs.


That sounds like my PTSD. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, even chuds like Alex Jones.


dont. just dont do it. its not worth it. at all. and those fuckers dont deserve a single click on their page.