Parkland shooting survivor: My QAnon dad is convinced that it was all a hoax

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73,999,999 more of these stories and the GQP will have achieved their pathetic goal.

I have no idea what any of these alt-right wing bastards get from pulling this shit, but it sure seems like they’re working overtime to create as much human wreckage as they can. And none of their ‘leaders’ say “no, this is fucking stupid, don’t listen to those idiots, save your families.”


What a hellacious trauma for that survivor. Having to deal with the shooting is bad enough. To have a loved one turn on you like this . . . I can’t even imagine.


I’m convinced your “Dad” is a f’ing ahole.


The part about the dad repeatedly abusing them by trying to trigger PTSD is so horrible it triggered my PTSD a bit. I had to cut contact with some one who was doing the same thing in my family and it really really sucks to hear some one going through that. It’s as violent, cruel,and disgusting as rebreaking some one’s bone over and over again. Awful. What a horrible horrible man.


Qanon is a death cult. No one should be surprised that followers are sacrificing their own children to Moloch.

I hope this person finds a safe place to go before his abusive “parent” does any more damage.


I had to check the date to be sure. It feels like it’s been ten years since Parkland, not three.


Marjorie Taylor-Green, Marjorie Taylor-Green,
Fuming and bursting with your excess of spleen,
What stupendous lies, you tell every day,
So people get hurt, while you gleefully make hay!

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Because there hasn’t been any comeuppance for them yet, they haven’t felt it at the polls. Their leaders are doubling down on insanity because it keeps them in power. I still wonder if Pence had been cornered and beaten up on Jan. 6th if even that would have been enough to convince them it was a bad strategy to harness madness.


How broken does someone have to be to trust/believe conspiracy theorists over your own child?


Wow. I can’t even imagine being that self deluded that you now reject something you lived through, and your son experienced first hand.


That teen sounds brave and strong, and I hope he gets through this. His father will die alone and afraid with only his conspiracy theories for company, and he deserves to.


While I don’t reject anything that happened to me, I do have holes in my memory from when I was chased out of my home by fascists. Other bits I remember like it was five minutes ago. Trauma does odd things to your mind.

Telling your son that he faked a well documented atrocity that he survived is another level of denial though, one that will be very hard to forgive assuming that the father ever gets to asking for it.


There are no words for how fucked up this is.


Fair point about memory and trauma. But unlike a personal trauma, this was an event with tons of documentation. But I guess if you convinced yourself you experienced something else, then it is easy to convince yourself the evidence is fake. :confused:



It started a couple months into the pandemic with the whole anti-lockdown protests," Bill [not his real name] said. "His feelings were so strong it turned into facts for him. So if he didn’t like having to wear masks it wouldn’t matter what doctors or scientists said. Anything that contradicted his feelings was wrong.

It sounds like dad was an asshole all along. Q-Anon was just something he could mold his hate around.


Some years ago a medical social worker I know had several interviews with an elderly woman who had survived the Holocaust. As a girl she had been shipped to one of the camps. For some reason she was put in a group that was not sent to the chambers. The rest of her family was exterminated. Reading this boy’s story brought the sickening realization that a Q nut would have told this woman that her story was all lies and that the Holocaust was a fake (six million crisis actors). WTF.


Living with and not being able to escape the bloviating, arrogance and condescension of a Q-nut unleashed by alcohol sounds most unpleasant to say the least.

It’s probably a good thing “Bill” discovered what a creep his old man is. Without the Q nonsense “Bill” might have just made excuses for his father “forever”. There’s no going back, because “dad” probably never was what you thought he was.

I hope “Bill” finds a new “family” of supportive, loving friends.


Has anybody told him yet how wearing a mask will defeat the facial recognition software that THEY are using to track everything about you? Wear a mask, be safe from the government.

(This is not true, of course, but it’s got a certain amount of truthiness and I bet we could convince some of them)


11-17 million people were killed by the Nazis, not including people who were KIA. Queer and Romani people are still fighting for recognition as victims of the Nazis. Trans people were among the first victims of the Nazis, but some people deny we existed back then. I have effectively been called a crisis actor for pointing this out, by someone who dismissively refers to the “Homocaust”.

Admitting that 11-17 milion people does not lessen the horror of what 6 million Jewish people (and their surviving relatives) experienced. Repeating 6 million does deny the horror of what non-Jewish victims experienced. I know that you don’t mean to do that, but we should try to remember all the victims if we want to stop the holocaust from happening again.