Facebook gave $120,000 to CPAC, half in cash and half in-kind contributions, Daily Beast reports


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Please get off of FACEfuckBOOK, the Zuck is 1% vampire, no I’m not finished, and by being involved in FB you support this scumbag, stop it.


Thank you, Xeni for posting this! I have never had a Facebook account and have been smugly feeling mighty smug about it lately.


“Fascist Oligarch Supports Organization Promoting Subservience to Fascist Oligarchs.”


This, and do a full deletion, they seem to hide it behind deactivation.


Given how “Rape threats? Eh whatever HOLY SHIT A BREASTFEEDING MOTHER BAN BAN BAN” they are, I can’t see how this is even a little surprising.


If you have a phone with the Facebook app, it probably phones home each night even if you don’t use it or have a Facebook account.

That was my experience with having the Android debugger watch my phone, but I never set up WireShark to see what it was sharing.


We should be so surprised, FB will be happy to live feed deportations and wall building. Because you know, gotta give all sides a platform (stay on the good side of those in power). Hooray freedumb!


Uh, don’t all (smart) corporations give to both political parties?

Should we really be shocked – shocked – that a multibillion dollar corporation gave $120k to CPAC (oh, and $120k to HRC)?



Nobody is “shocked,” and besides, CPAC is more of a circus normalizing the lunatic fringe of the GOP than a serious conservative convention.

If anything, I’m shocked they disinvited Milo. The adage about being caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy springs to mind.


Please get off of FACEfuckBOOK

I’d do it in a second and never look back. But Darth Zuck is holding the internet of my friends and family back home hostage and I can only speak to them regularly on his terms.


If they really like you, they will find ways to contact you after you delete your account.

I’m totally serious. I found out exactly which friends and family actually wanted to keep in touch with me when I deleted my account. It turned out to be a very positive thing. I never realised how psychologically bogged down I was by FB until I left it.


Sorry. I do not get it. Zuck is metaphorically “holding them hostage”? Really?
Your friends and family are all savvy enough to use Facebook and you cannot devise ANY other way to stay in touch with them? And we are supposed to excuse your (alleged) predicament?


Which individuals/groups/recurring events would you say represent serious conservatism??


The most serious conservatism is probably the belief in monarchy.

Hence US conservatism died with Norton I, Emperor of the United States, Protector of Mexico.


Let me rephrase.

Which public figures in the USA, identified as conservative, would you not characterize as “lunatic fringe” ??


from my European PoV? the top brass of the Democratic Party.

eta: I don’t even mean this as joke, the similarities between, say, the German CDU and the US Democratic Party are quite real.

  • The military is important
  • Healthcare and social security should be provided by the state or strictly controlled by it
  • Patriotism is essential
  • International treaties (UN) and the ties between Europe and North America (NATO) are cornerstones of the foreign policy
  • Security is often more important than civil rights


That’s the big thing. For anyone living outside the US, the US has two parties - a too-conservative conservative party in the Democrats (where the hell is single payer health care? how is tuition so expensive? how is public education so neglected?) and batshit crazy lunatic fringe party in the Republicans.

If you poll people in the US on their actual political opinions, if you give them exercises where they sit down with a number of options to shape the federal budget, then you’ll find that leaving aside some idiosyncratic red herrings (e.g. Second Amendment) the US population is generally quite a bit to the “left” of the Democrats as well. US politics just has a way of not representing the interests of 80% of the population.


I don’t know, George Will? The Economist? The American Conservative? (despite Pat Buchanan’s erstwhile involvement.) I’m sure there must be a good number of relatively sober GOP senators. John McCain before his presidential campaign maybe.

It’s not that serious conservatives don’t attend or speak at CPAC at all, but they are not at all the focus of the event. Its purpose is to provide a highly visible platform for wingnuts to gain publicity by saying outrageous things so they can rile up the base, sell more books, and get on more talk shows.


I just wanna let you all know the CPAC is the Canadian Public Affairs Channel (the Canadian equivalent of C-SPAN). When I read this headline, I was like, “That seems like a good way to make up for some of the fake news stuff…”

Not so much?