Facebook, Google, Twitter execs summoned for House election security hearing

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/06/16/facebook-google-twitter-exec.html

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“Gentlemen, we have just one question: how can you stop Russia from influencing our elections, and ensure we can continue to influence elections ourselves through voter ID requirements, gerrymandering, and the Electoral College?”


Off the top of my head, they could shut down until after the election. They can certainly afford it.

Meanwhile, the Senate, a wholly-owned subsidiary of QAnon, is holding sham Obamagate! hearings.


Oh, and Americans don’t want to hear about spending on military and overseas bases (or what exactly they are up to), so block any foreign comment about those.

“If Biden is elected, I think this could be more dangerous for China, because he will work with allies to target China, whereas Trump is destroying U.S. alliances,” said Zhou Xiaoming, a former Chinese trade negotiator and former deputy representative in Geneva. Four current officials echoed that sentiment, saying many in the Chinese government believed a Trump victory could help Beijing by weakening what they saw as Washington’s greatest asset for checking China’s widening influence.


Can they afford for their users to realize they don’t need their services?

I would hazard a guess that they cannot.

House Intelligence Committee: “Wait, it’s important that voters stay informed and see our ads.”


That’s a chance I’m willing to take. And you have to admit, it would cut down on social media influence by outside agencies.

Interesting that Microsoft wasn’t invited since they have a proposed solution.


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