Facebook pitches in $500K to launch Harvard effort to fight election hacking and propaganda attacks


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/07/26/defending-digital-democracy.html


If Facebook wants to fight propaganda attacks efficiently, all it has to do is to switch itself off.


… and we’ll work with them to understand exactly what those vulnerabilities are.

Each and every delicious one.


So about the same amount Zuck makes every time he blinks?


Honestly I’d rather somebody was working to protect voting systems against attacks by the nation, the states, and American political parties. If that could be accomplished, we wouldn’t have to worry about lesser threats like “hackers and foreign nation-states”.


Well the GOP isn’t too worried about hackers, even though they make a lot of noise about "the integrity of the vote.


For a start, how about we hold voting machines to the same security standards as ATMs? Those have their source code on escrow available to be inspected at any time. As I understand it, voting machines are still closed source and unauditable.


So FB will be the Ministry of Truth.

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