Facebook says it will show geographic origin of some posts, to thwart foreign political disinformation campaigns

Isn’t part of the problem their very algorithm that leads to echo chambers which can be easy pickings for this info, all in the name of a more “relevant experience”?

Part of a healthy system is being exposed to things that are generally outside of your world view, rather than hiding it.

Not only is this largely ineffective to large state funded misinformation campaigns but they can also use tactic against itself. Now Donnie and McConnell will tell the Russians to make fake attacks against the GOP/Trump and be sure to have the IP address show the Ukraine or whatever demonized country that Trump & Co want their followers think are siding with the Dems so their lemmings can point to the “evil Dems” who are the ones using foreign manipulation and the GOP / Trump would “never” do such things. I mean, this is Trumpism/Fox News viewer tactic 101, accuse the accuser of the very crime being accused of / i.e. whataboutisms.

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