Facial-exercising pink fright mask


I dimly recall reviews of similar products from the distant past that suggest “facial exercises” may serve to loosen the flesh and make wrinkles worse.

See also: Deerskin dieter’s mask

(What it actually reminds me of is the mood balaclava, from this same book, but that wasn’t in the preview)

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It took me a moment to understand what “dieter” means in this context.

This is because “Dieter” is a german male first name*. So I honestly wondered: Who is “Deerskin Dieter”, and how did he get that nick name? Seeing the corresponding image triggered the feeling this most be some weird horror movie …

*short for “Dietrich”, which AFAIK shares the etymological origin with “Deutsch”, which is german for “german”.


Got nothin’ on the Looseleaf Beauty Report

It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

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I prefer a more hands-on approach…


If it was printed with anatomically correct muscles/etc (slim goodbody style), I would be pulling out my credit card.

Also handy if you’re doing some X-files cosplay…

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