Fact-checking Hillary Clinton's comments on Edward Snowden and the NSA

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Seriously James, Isn’t bad enough that you lied to congress you are now reduced to trolling message boards under the guise of anonymity? You are a retired General for god sake, have some dignity.


Lots of excluded-middle shit going on here.

“Snowden performed a great public service by revealing the extent of NSA surveillance”
“Snowden is in Russia with information which if/when leaked could put a lot of innocent people in danger”

I see absolutely no reason why both cannot be true.

Oh, and Hillary??

I would be fascinated to see how a Hillary Clinton-Rand Paul matchup would be received here at BB. The rotational energy could be wondrous to behold.

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But you said nothing. Whatever.

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Like the leak about Valerie Plame?


I am legitimately curious about the half truthes. Can you link me to some information, or provide some insight into where I should look for further information?


You forgot to end that with “wake up, sheeple!”


Well, given all the instances you list of harm Snowden has done, how can anyone fail to be persuaded by your argument?

Or should we just take you at your word?


This belies a deep distrust of democracy.


I agree, but there’s also some pretty satisfying schadenfreude going on with there potentially being the first female president elected after the second term of the first black president. It’s a true mark of how despised Bush 2.0 was and surely must enrage the xenophobic redneck element of the right.

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Instead of bemoaning this irrational behavior and resigning yourself to despair, you could call attention to the marginalized candidates who represent the public interest, their opinions on these revelations, their values, their platform, and the solutions they’ve proposed.


Go eat a pile of NSA dicks. You describe yourself as holding the same opinion as ‘many’. That’s meaningless when you’re one of 300m people. How many is ‘many’? 100,000? 100,000/300,000,000 is pretty insignificant as is the degree to which you’ve thought about this topic and its implications.

Why do you and your ilk think taking to the internet to tell us all how wrong we are is going to change anyone’s opinion? It just makes you look like a fucking ridiculous apologist for unbridled abuse by the TLAs and reinforces our respect and admiration for Snowden and the bravery and selflessness of his actions.

Mods, howsabout you implement a new system that publishes the IP address of all new sign ups when it seems like a sock puppet, as our simple-minded guest here clearly is. It would be interesting to see what hosts some of the IPs of these people resolve to.


Explain yourself or continue to be considered irrelevant.

It’s not our job to figure out what the hell some cryptic nobody on the internet means… do you really think anyone cares what you think that much?


Absolutely correct. America has a very bleak future. If we continue like this we may have to immigrate to another country in order to escape political oppression.

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Thanks for wandering over from Breitbart.com to clear this up for the uninformed readers at BoingBoing. I for one, am now standing up and saluting to the memory of Saint Ronnie, who kept us safe by selling arms to the Iranians and preventing the release of the hostages until he could take credit for it once he was in office.

Really, just how stupid do you think we are? Never mind, perhaps someone somewhere will be persuaded by your carefully articulated excuse for governmental abuse of power. Keep wasting your time repeating an argument that I can’t believe even you consider to be persuasive.


This post says it all. There is no law of conservation of responsibility.

It is entirely possible that both the NSA violated the US Constitution and that Snowden blew the whistle in an irresponsible way. I find it unfortunate that there isn’t more dialog about how Snowden might have behaved more ethically. It makes me wonder if, had he set a better example, that others in similar positions would have been more encouraged to come forward.

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Challenged to provide facts to back up assertions, troll refuses, using the language of a parent chastising a child. Ergo, troll has no light to shed on subject, just heat.

Obvious troll is trolling for anger, perhaps also to change the subject.

Please do not feed the trolls.


Do I really have to be the guy who says “Google it”? Seriously?

And I couldn’t care less what people think of what I say. You’re the one issuing threats of irrelevancy. You’re clearly a lot more concerned about it than I.

And now you’re calling names. No, I’m not trolling. I’m stating a fact – this article is biased and does not give a fair view of both sides – and you’re insulting me for fun.

Thank you.