Fact-free Marjorie Taylor Greene peddles delusional fantasy about electric cars

I agree. But the monopolies are making it harder to be free from their influence - changing the rules for grid ties, for system sizes, for billing structure, for repayment for your ‘extra’ electricity, etc, all in their favor, all with no actual oversight.

my array produces more than I use, and somehow the electric monopoly finds ways to change the rules and still bill me every month.


As with so many things, Wilhoit’s Law applies. We are just starting to investigate rooftop solar in our new place, and the rules are daunting. We will, but mostly because I don’t really need the subsidies to do it. They do seem bound and determined to discourage folks from getting anything like independent of them.


Won’t the oil and gas companies buy into electric power at some point in a more major way? The refineries can get switched for solar fields or turbines.

As soon as I wrote that I remembered that EV’s have been sabotaged from the start.

The film explores some of the motives that may have pushed the auto and oil industries to kill off the electric car…., for example, that the oil companies were afraid of losing their monopoly on transportation fuel over the coming decades; while the auto companies feared short-term costs for EV development and long-term revenue loss because EVs require little maintenance and no tuneups. Others explained the killing differently. GM spokesman Dave Barthmuss argued it was lack of consumer interest due to the maximum range of 80–100 miles per charge, and the relatively high price.

Hehe, check out that range improvements since the film. As I mentioned somewhere else, the range on my EV is 250+ miles. But for sure these cars are HEAVY.



True, in theory and practice, but just be aware that people might point out complications to this, even though they ultimately don’t change the conclusion. MTG is not smart enough to bother trying to pretend to make sense, but other people are.

One, this will only happen to a significant extent at fairly high penetration levels of EVs, and we’re nowhere near that point yet.
Two, gasoline is only one fraction of a barrel of oil, and it’s sometimes unclear both how much freedom oil companies have to manipulate the different fractions of a barrel for different purposes, and also how much elasticity there is in demand for different fractions.
Three, any increase or decrease is relative to the counterfactual scenario with fewer EVs globally at that moment, not relative to any particular past or present gasoline price. Gas prices have so much geographic and temporal variation that many comparisons of actual prices to each other are going to be questionable at best. I expect a lot of nonsense about gas prices being higher in places with more EVs, despite there being an obvious better explanation for why that is likely to be the case.

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“On this day, the Republicans smote the Democrats with the jawbone of an ass.”

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The way that cigarette companies buy into vapes, yes, just that way.

I don’t expect it to be particularly helpful (they have all been hammering their green credentials for decades and al Saud have been major investors in electric cars and stuff. As their old OPEC minister put it “the Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stones and the oil age won’t run out because we run out of oil”)


Yes, that is the example I was thinking of.

And in terms of “helpful” I’m just hoping people will stop whining about how they are being forced to buy an EV, etc.


People still complain about cigarettes and nanny state and what have you. It’s how they are set up.

Don’t expect anything useful from the fossil fuel industry. They will follow, far behind, and never lead.


She was misheard.

She meant to say she was electrified by the idea of pedal cars.

She had this revelation while watching a Flintstones cartoon.

She wondered why can’t we all drive cars like Fred’s?

Yabba dabba doo!!!

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My electric car costs about 1/3 the cost per mile to operate (we only charge on off-peak hours) as a gasoline powered vehicle.

I’ve never gone in for any kind of service either.

And there is TONS of free juice available if you know where to look. I get about $5 worth of mileage when I go grocery shopping, or eat at a certain burger place, or watch a movie (more like $10 there if it is longer than 2 hours).

I did go to a gas station once: to buy a couple gallons of diesel for some friends who didn’t check their fuel gauge before heading out for a day of sailing (I gave them some lemons for the scurvy and got a free beer when I kayaked out to give em the dino juice)


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