Fact-free Marjorie Taylor Greene peddles delusional fantasy about electric cars

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Supply-and-Demand would suggest that gas prices would go down if more people drove electric cars.


Never mind that as electric cars become more popular demand for dinosaur juice will be reduced and prices will fall.

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Here in Denver, CO, the monopoly electric company Xcel just effectively tripled electric rates. They doubeld the time of day that’s billed at the highest bracket, to be from 1pm-7pm, when most people use the most energy. They also increased that rate by 2.9x. Xcel even claimed that this will somehow save Coloradans money. As usual, the PUC approved this, and oddly the local news only covered it after the fact, and only one article on one day.

While I am not against electrification, nor electric cars, let us not pretend that we’re not at the mercy of unregulated greed pigs either way. A monopolistic cabal is a monopolistic cabal, whether they are selling gasoline or electrons.


The upside of this conspiracy nonsense is that it’s only a matter of time before we see Marjorie Taylor Greene and Elon Musk in a full-on Battle of the Witless.


If you’re driving an electric vehicle, why go you care about gas prices? :thinking:


Donald Trump has recently been promising to enact a bunch of economic policies that would make consumer prices go up, while simultaneously promising he’ll make prices go down. Since he’s not mentioning any policies he’s saying would cause prices to go down, possibly he thinks the ones he’s mentioned will have the opposite effect, showing a basic MAGA confusion about concepts as simple as up and down. Or the MAGAts are all just disingenuous shitbirds who make arbitrary claims to “own the libs” with no basis in reality. Well, one or the other.


Her target audience will never willingly buy liberal woke EVs, so liberals become the bogeyman who will supposedly drive up gas costs. As far as creating a lack of demand which drives down gas prices goes, oil companies will cut back on production in order to keep prices high.


Electrical monopolies are definitely an issue, and need to be either broken up or actually regulated, instead of getting their decisions rubber stamped by a captive regulator.

But on the other hand, there’s no panel you can put on your roof to get free gasoline, and while solar isn’t an option for everyone, it’s still more of an option than we’ve had up till recently.


Side note: if Old Glory Bank, advertising on RSBN with a cowboy-hatted spokesman calling himself “John Rich”, doesn’t turn out to be a Russian operated scam that ultimately vanishes into the night with its depositors’ money, I shall be most disappointed.


Very much like Trump, there might be some sort of dimly remembered basis for this, but when filtered through the stupidity it is difficult to discern. She might be referring to proposals to raise gasoline taxes to encourage people to switch to electric cars.


Is her point that the cost of filling the tank on an electric car is more than gas car? Which for me right now is demonstrably false.

With a 20 gallon tank my gas SUV cost approximately $100 to fill up. That would get me 400 miles.

My EV SUV with an 82 kwh battery has a range of 280 miles. Let’s call it 200.

So, assuming $0.2/kwh that is $16 to charge. (I need to see what I get at home, because I think I pay less). So, $16 x 2 = $32 which is much lower than the $100 I paid before.

Do facts not matter any more? Did I mess up the math?

eta: @simonize perhaps you are right on what she meant.


Mostly. There might be a crunch in fuel prices at the end, when gasoline becomes a weird niche product. But I’m guessing it’ll a net lower prices for most folks.

It’s a weird bit of economic forecasting, because the role of oil producers in the energy transition is to shrink by 85%. They don’t like that.


:person_shrugging: guess she just follows suit;


Eventually, but that day is probably 20+ years away. 100LL AVGAS is pretty expensive and AVGAS 115 is nearly unavailable.

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That’s about my guess too.

While this is absolutely true, at least with electricity some of us have the option to offset some of it with solar power. Very few can effectively offset petroleum.


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“Does she … does she think”


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I just want to mainstream the concept that renewable electricity should be fully free at point of use to domestic users.I ran the numbers here and it’s utterly trivial compared to the subsidies we pay to fossil fuel scum.

And obviously no large industrial project such as a data centre should get planning permission without its own source of non emitting energy.