Fake chain stores run rampant in Iran

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It’s things like this that make me really want to visit Iran some day.



In reality, the U.S. knock-offs aren’t as sophisticated as the Iranian ones.


Iran isn’t nearly the outlier in copyright infringement they might seem. The saga of Kennedy Fried Chicken is absolutely bonkers and not necessarily for the reasons one would suspect. Although they were sued by Kentucky Fried Chicken and lost, they were still awarded the copyright… then proceeded to sue the other 11,542 Kennedy Fried Chickens. And that’s just the most visible and obvious example. NYC is absolutely lousy with knock-off apparel, stores and illegally imported merch. I recently stumbled into a “cbd” store (definitely selling weed) that had all of those crazy Lays and Doritos from Asia; all unmarked for US sale. And half the bodegas are stocked with all manner of direct import treats from whatever nation the owners hail from.


Man i love that knock off Mexican Buc-ee’s. The mullet is chef’s kiss

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france tarantino GIF by MIRAMAX

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We have a McDonald’s parody restaurant here in San Francisco called Mr. Charlie’s. The best part is that it is directly across the street from the McDonald’s on Sutter st.


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