Philippines burger joint "Brick Burgers" uses Lego-shaped buns


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I’d eat that, once.


Does their security system at night involved covering the floors in lego bricks?


If the meat patty was pressed the same way the result would be a truly interlocked sandwich great for eating on the run and in cars, etc.


But how much will they hurt when stepped on?


I just got back from the area a few weeks ago. If my (hazy) grasp of local geography is right, I was within a short drive of there for hours while the family shopped for earrings and handbags at a market.

All I did was look at some historical churches. What a waste, I could have been eating Lego instead.


Lego: “Cease and desist this delicious trademark violation. Officers will be by shortly to confiscate all contraband (please provide extra ketchup).”


I know it said ‘lego,’ but I thought 'tetris," and figured this was going to be about a new international take on fast food gluttony.

And I’m guessing there are no international copyright enforcement treaties between Denmark and the Philippines.


Fuck that shit. Jollibee!

Bee happy! :slight_smile:


Sigh. As a vegetarian, there’s almost no Philippine food I can eat except dessert :slight_smile: Most of the cuisine is either pork with fish sauce on it, or fish with pork sauce, or chicken with fish and pork on it. Even the veggie dishes usually have pork or something.


Pork is a Pinoy vegetable!

Laughing… if you ever need a few good vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Manila I can help. But there aren’t many.


Reminds me of the time my mom went to India with my dad for a week or two. She isn’t used to eating spicy food often or eating food that has a ton of condiments/spices in it, so after being there for a few days her stomach was pretty irritated. She would order pizza? spicy and spiced! A simple chicken soup? same thing… she gave up and ordered a salad, and it came spicy and spiced. She was very annoyed at that last one.


They’re probably safe as long as they don’t use the Lego® brand name or logo. The patents on those interlocking bricks expired decades ago, otherwise Mega Bloks™ never could have made it this long.


Obvious response…


Lego tried to get a European trademark for the 3D design of the block, but were not successful in the end.


A lot (tummy ache?) if you were planning on eating and squashed it instead.



I got the Devo hat one and I was like, where’s the beef?


Lego my buns!



I get the brick/lego ripoff, but why the colors?