Man charged with selling fake In-N-Out franchises in the Middle East


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I’ve got a bridge to sell these people.

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Y’know what they do have over there? Pizza Inn. I’m sure they’re still around here in the US, but I can’t remember seeing one in at least 20 years.

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How can you tell this guy from the real McCoy? They both have nice suits, they both take you on a tour of a restaurant, they both have documents in the finest boilerplate. Some people with money think due diligence is for the weak.

The Bible verses on the cups might cause a few awkward moments.

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Ah, a fine premise for a movie.


I had the same thought. “Just don’t read the bottom of your cup.”

Milk Sheikh?

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That would be quite a feat considering that most of the U.S. can’t have In-N-Out franchises. The reason they’ve expanded so slowly is that they’re limited by how far they can ship from their distribution facilities in Baldwin Park, CA and Dallas, TX without using freezers. (“No freezers or microwaves” is a key reason they make some of the only fast food worth eating.)


More importantly, In-N-Out doesn’t franchise. All of its restaurants are company-owned.


ahhh , memories !!! i met my first wife when we were both working at pizza inn , evendale , glendale milford road , ahhh , in the 1870’s , or was it blue ash and the 1970’s ?? ahhh , memories !! ( it was pretty good pie as well !! )

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