Fake game cheating app trolls cheats and posts their comical comeuppances online

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Wait, $500 + real money dollars for a digital texture?!?!?!? WTF?


Welcome to the modern video game industry. A combination boutique luxury fashion shop and casino, with, I guess, an arcade machine in the back.


Came here to say the same thing. Not only that, but in CSGO of all things. A CSGO skin for hundreds of dollars. SMDH.


“Conspicuous consumption” meets the digital world. It makes as much sense as all the other expensive shit people buy only because it’s expensive.


… and I ended up having to google CSGO to figure out that it’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

:: puts on the free n00b hat and wanders off ::

(There’s a reason why my gamertag has “dogmeat” listed in it, because I’m usually puppy chow in the first 30 seconds.)


It sucks but just tell yourself that you’ve probably put a smile on the face of a twelve year old gamer who was doubting the quality of the cheats/hacks they just bought.

All it takes is a decent ping and their reaction time and ability to map new neural pathways completely owns us near half-centenials. You can still tell yourself its cheats, but nature gives a fuck about your feelings :slight_smile:

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Can we activate the webcam of the player when the cheat start to play funny and play it back to us?
That will be even funnier.


Lack of interest in those kind of games … intensifies!


A cheat program for crypto-traders. :thinking:


de_dust2 is still one of the most popular maps though, so if you played the original CounterStrike, twenty years ago(!), you might still do ok.
(I was shit at og CS, so I’m sure I’d still be shit now).

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