Fallen Toronto: a calendar of Toronto's bleak snfal future


I tried googling for snfal. I failed in understanding if that is an acronym I should be familiar with or… something else maybe?

Typo: SFnal (comparative more SFnal, superlative most SFnal)
Abbreviation of science fictional.

Never saw it before…


I like the look of the Skydome with a glass roof.

Sfnalier, sfnalest?

How about schadenfreudal?

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Hey, I’ve seen Borrett’s stuff before! He did a great image of a ruined downtown Toronto for Spacing magazine, their disaster issue I believe.

Isn’t the last pic, the blue “spider warning” sign, from or related to that film……Ghosts With Shit Jobs

Is that even close? May have mangled the title.

Anyway, I’m probably aware of said film due to BB

Hey, why don’t you click the link and READ the F-ing article JACKOFF!?!?

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