Family has unorthodox plan for opening stuck elevator doors

Holy crap. I work in a building with chronicle failing elevators. Our supervisor got stuck for 90 minutes once. I gave him an elevator survivor award. It happens regularly enough, we joke about peeing before using them, just in case.

Maybe we were doing it wrong. Maybe we should have all panicked, and freaked out? I mean, who knows what could happen in an elevator that is safely stopped, and closed? Are there secret elevator monsters? Did we just dodge a bullet?


To Whom It May Concern,

America, you are off the hook. These tourists were Canadian.

(America, you are still on the hook for Geo W Bush, the Iraq War, Trump, and whatever felonies/atrocities Trump commits over the next 4 years, though.)


This is the main reason why a resort vacation just doesn’t appeal to me. The people, not the elevators


Wow, Trailer Park Boys is really hard-up for plot devices these days!

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