Family has unorthodox plan for opening stuck elevator doors

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Well that’s the last time they stash the meth on the 6 year old.



Tinkerbell tattoo? Check
Fauxhawk? Check
Subtle racism? Check
Pajamas as “outside wear”? Check

I think we’ve achieved Wal-mart Bingo!


Some people’s kids…

#yikes :open_mouth:

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The Aristocrats!


You know damned well that the six year old, if calmly spoken to, can be kept calm for the price of patience and an overly-large dessert when his predicament is solved. Instead, EVERYONE PANIC!!!


Was there an idiot convention at the hotel that day?


Now is a good time to remind people, even if you are able to force your way through the door, not to ever leave an elevator that is part-way between floors. There are far too many cases of people climbing out doors the way this guy and kid did, and being decapitated/cut in half/losing a limb.


This is how I would do it.


I highly advise clicking through to the story for the excellent Ken M appearance in the comments section.


I’ve unfortunately been cursed by seeing that video. What happened makes sense in retrospect, but we’re so used to “fail-safe elevators” that this elevator’s behavior was unexpected.

The stalled elevator was evidently delicately balanced by its counterweight and the passenger. When the passenger leaves the elevator, the balance is disturbed and the elevator unexpectedly ascends-- NSFW ensues.

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BOFHBot is online.

  • Review security videos.
  • Cancel fire alarms.
  • Release elevator bottom hatch
  • Bounce elevator to empty contents.
  • Withdraw elevator to above floor.
  • Open floor doors wide.
  • Activate jet suction to clean corridors.
  • Deactivate jet suction.
  • Close doors.
  • Activate basement garbage masher.
  • Reset elevator and return to service.
  • Add entry pest cleaning in maintenance log.

I wonder what the legal issues are with damage incurred to escape the elevator.

Obviously, if you had good reason to suspect your life was in danger – either from the elevator’s unsafeness or you’ve waited a decent interval (say, minimum 1 hour, maximum 4 hours) – you’re not liable. Personally, I wouldnt think of breaking out until Someone Who Knew What They Were Doing arrived; its not like you’re abandoned in there.

But I get the feeling these rednecks were on the warpath and ready to bust out Jethro at Minute 0:01 of captivity.

Can they really bang away at the elevator doors and not suffer any financial consequences if they havent exhausted reasonable avenues first (eg, getting the hotel’s janitor)?

I would’ve thought that hotel employee would have stopped them-- not to halt the damage to hotel property, but if the rednecks manage to kill their relation while “rescuing” him, the hotel is liable. And also: the rednecks might manage to kill their relation while “rescuing” him.

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calmness and patience are not important. but I would do A LOT for an overly-large dessert ; )


They’ll get their own show on TLC within 6 months.


Oh wow! I’ve never encountered a Ken M comment in the wild

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St. Lucia is a sovereign island nation heavily dependent on tourism, so who knows. If this had been in the U.S. there are at least three potential felonies evidenced in the video, plus civil liability for the elevator damage, plus likely drug possession charges, plus fashion and vertical video violations.

As for the employee, would you interfere with these lunatics? They’re obviously past the point of even being spoken to calmly. And he’s not a shareholder, so he doesn’t care about lawsuits against the hotel. If I were him, part of me would be secretly hoping some of these jackasses got themselves bisected.