Family of slain Chilean folk singer Victor Jara file suit against his accused torturer and killer, with help from CJR


Great News.

Obligatory Clash.


So how did this hatchetman end up in Florida (and a naturalized citizen, at that, he isn’t exactly hiding out). Was everything sufficiently uninvestigated that he was considered squeaky-clean when he came, or was he just one of our good, patriotic, opponents of communist infiltration?

This is fascinating. I’m going to have to look more into how the legalities of this work. Would he be considered a war criminal? Is there some other way to nail him criminally, instead of just getting him with a civil lawsuit?

Most certainly he went to living as any normal people. For decades the name of Jara’s killers were publicly unknown and enjoyed freedon during the years of dictatorship, and a few more years afterwards… It’s just now, 30-40 years after the coup d’etat that Chile can prosecute some of these criminals.

Please remember Victor Jara in the Santiago Stadium, es verdad, those Washington Bullets again.

The Clash making American kids aware of the politics of the US in Latin America.

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