Fancy apothecary-style jars to hold your peyote, hash, LSD, and shrooms


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Why on earth would you need something that LARGE for LSD???


Prediction: Garage sale price: $4.00 ea.



Came here to say exactly this, the sizes of these jars are all wrong. LSD should be the tiniest one, reserve the biggest one for something bulky like pot.


I’d hate to say it, but someone’s got a serious problem if they’re taking that many hallucinogens. I suggest at least a tolerance break.


Because you fear the effects of another Operation Julie?

As a result of the seizure it was estimated the price of LSD tabs rose from £1 to £5 each


Even then - the whole 6.5 million tabs, on 0.5 mm x 1 cm x 1 cm blotters, would only occupy about 3.2 liters.

That LSD canister is 6" in diameter and 14.5" tall. If the walls are 1/2" thick and the interior space is 10" high, that’s about 3.2 L container - enough to hold the ENTIRE operation Julie seizure…


Because it’s MIND-EXPANDING, MAN! :rofl::rofl:


Speaking of bargain apothecary jars, I got THIS at a thrift store for a buck or two:

Read about it and laugh:




You reminded me to swing by my local cigar store. They always have some fantastic boxes being sold there for charity. They make great pen boxes, if you’re anything like me or probably @frauenfelder.


Keep your sugar and other spices in them. Gives the cops a decoy while you keester your real stash.


I like the way you think.


I remember seeing similar but cheaper marked containers for illicit substances in Rainbow grocery. San Francisco sure is a strange place. I wonder if there are backwater places where you can find hand blown pipes labeled “Meth”.


Because nothing says “probable cause” like a big jar labeled “LSD”.


The perfect housewarming gift if Jeff Sessions moves in next door


Post apocalypse?


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