Fans boiling mad when Phillies cancel dollar hot dog days

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Hot take… go!

“The fans” are idiots.

Wasting food makes me boiling mad. Disrespecting the park and its staff by littering wasted food everywhere makes me boiling mad.

Good riddance to dollar dog night. Pay full price for one hotdog for the purpose of eating it, or don’t. I don’t give a damn.

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They haven’t learned from Costco.


Nostalgia might have something to do with it, but I’m sure “it’s a great deal!” Is a major part of this. The Russians have a saying: “free vinegar is sweet.” (In Russian “сладкий” (sladkiy) also connotates with desireable.) offer free tickets to Ishtar and you’ll probably have a line down the block.



I notice the article carefully doesn’t mention the huge food fight that developed with the cheap hot dogs being thrown from other sections and water bottles being thrown from the upper stands. Many people were ejected. Incomplete stories are far too common on BB.


Namely the:

If you raise the effing hot dog, I will kill you.

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Ownership of the Winnipeg Jets (NHL) has been moaning about poor fan support the past few years… cuz it’s all the fan’s fault 'natch.

So they have a cashless concessions system… can’t buy a water without tap/debit.

The other night their network failed huge - no one could buy food or drinks (beer!). And Ticketmaster kicked everyone out of their app logins … didn’t even present them with filled in passwords… who remembers a password right at the gate? Handheld ticket validators didn’t work anyways. And a few weeks ago one of their senior staff showed open contempt to a disabled veteran and a revered Indigenous elder. I witnessed misogamy and support for abusers, denial of employment to a victim, allowing visibly drunk employees to work… rot at the top.

Judge fan experience by the smiles on faces, not cash in the till (well they don’t even do that anymore)…

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i was noticing this, too. i mean, come on, tell the ENTIRE story, here.

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