Fantastic aerial video of crowd filling NYC park for free movie

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amazing. can someone provide more context as to how/why the queue works? the level of organization and discipline suggests that this is A Thing.

The person in the center is a police officer. At 4:00 they lazily look at their watch, consider a few other things and then lazily wave their hand to allow everyone in.

This is a film series sponsored by HBO that shows great movies, starting around 9:00. So all the space you see between various people at 4:00 will get filled in by various jacknuts who roll up at 8:45, drop a blanket on the 1’ wide green space between you and your neighbor and then unfold their blanket across both of yours, call their fifteen friends over, make you cram in and then spend the first hour of the film catching up with each other and spilling wine on you.

The movies are great and with the right crowd it’s a well spent day. However, I rarely get the latter half of the equation and have stopped going. I much prefer seeing Top Gun on the deck of the aircraft carrier anyway.


Is there a physical barrier or rope preventing people from going on to the lawn before the signal? Otherwise, I don’t understand the self-restraint involved because those people seem seriously interested in getting a good spot.

No rope. Just a single cop. It’s mostly because people just want to see a movie, not get a stupid ticket and miss out on decent seating. Because he would totally hand out tickets all day if needed, he’s got nothing better to do.

I’ve had people throw their blankets in front of the crowd and then run forward and dive on those blankets to secure a spot. Some people just take it way too seriously.

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Pretty cool! But, as with so many Youtube videos (the rabbit vs. snake one from the other day being a notable exception), it would have been vastly improved by stripping out the commentary.

Here it is from another perspective:

And a timelapse showing how it fills in:

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Proving anything free worth attending in NYC is not worth going to.

Thanks to your sacrifice I know I made the right decisions just watching it with the sound muted.

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I bet that’s Dory, she’s not fucking around


That blanket does appear to remain empty throughout the stop motion as well… we need further evidence of these Johnny-come-latelys taking up residence. :smile:

Top Gun on the Intrepid is worth it. Much more civilized, as they hand out tickets and keep the crowd manageable.

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